Architecture + Design Institute

 The Architecture and Design Institute (A+DI) provides a powerful multi-year program that exposes students to design principles and application in residential and commercial models. A+DI is unique to Milken, and engages students in real-world knowledge that transfers to a wide range of disciplines, including college programs in design.

The tenant improvement expands the A+DI to approximately 4,000 sq. ft. - more than twice the space previously dedicated to the architecture program, and enables the various disciplines to be more specialized, while maintaining a flexible open floor-plan.  Operable glass walls provide connections between studio spaces and to exterior terraces and plazas, providing additional breakout and collaboration areas. All studios are bathed in natural light, crucial for creative work to take place in these spaces.

The new A+DI will provide Milken with a state-of-the-art creative program, strengthening the school’s curriculum based in the arts and sciences.