Guerin Family Institute for Advanced Sciences

The path of the Milken student is a continuous journey that focuses on exploration, experience, and the pursuit of expertise.  

The Guerin Family Institute (GFI) is a rehaul of a dark series of classrooms into an open space that embodies Milken Community School attributes of curiosity, exploration, experience, and mastery in a high-tech laboratory where the student is empowered to create almost anything they can imagine.  GFI provides a Robotics, Electronics, and MIT Fab Lab® to enhance the school’s sciences curriculum, and drive the basic principle of problem solving to the forefront of the students’ education.  With an array of high-tech fabrication and making equipment, the GFI provides Milken with the most state-of-the-art fabrication facility in any school of its type.

The great flexibility of the space allows for endless configurations and the ability for new equipment to replace old, as technology improves and adjusts to the times.  The space itself is a growing, living thing that is, itself, created by the students and faculty that use it and create in it every day.

The resulting Institute comprises approximately 3,600 sq. ft. of facilities on the cutting edge of Advanced Sciences, with natural light pouring through diffused glass skylights, expansive views to Sepulveda Canyon and overhead glass doors, this facility will nurture not only the minds of students but the spirit as well.