Los Angeles Convention Center Expansion and Renovation Competition

 Los Angeles Convention Center Expansion and Renovation Competition

Los Angeles, CA

Cost: $350,000,000 intervention, $1,000,000,000+ master plan

Scope: 2,000,000 sf campus

Completion Date: 2015


After a year of fascinating immersion in the programming and design of convention centers as co-leader of team Gensler Lehrer for a competition held by the City of Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering, we at LEHRERARCHITECTS LA felt a need to digest our newfound knowledge and the jury’s cues into urbanistic and architectural form. 


In the following pages, we lay out a diagrammatic case for the simplicity of curvilinear parking as the driver for a radial project with efficient loading, contiguous indoor and outdoor exhibit space, and a rich variety of commercial and recreational activities (including downtown’s first beach!).  The diagrams are followed by plans and sections, interspersed with renderings to support the diagrammatic design.


Since our city’s exuberant spirit permeates all aspects of life, we named convention elements after local sports heroes, lending specific personalities to indoor-outdoor spaces which might otherwise be cavernous and anonymous.  We maximized views to the beaches and hills, capitalized on found sustainable conditions, and made it all fun and easy to get to.