Restore Neighborhood Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA
Client: Restore Neighborhood LA
Scope: Design of 3 – 1,200 sq. ft. single family home prototypes for urban infill lots.
Key Personnel:
    John Labib, John Labib & Associates – Structural Engineer
    Omar Hawit, Westlake Reed Leskosky – MEP Engineer
    Bob Gomob, SQLA – Landscape

Completion Date: 2013

Set in challenging neighborhoods in need of respect and loving care, and built on extremely tight budgets, these catalytic new prototypes  for urban-infill and affordable homeownership provide amenities and spatial qualities not usually found in this type of housing. Although intended for affordable homeownership, the design of these homes aims to honor the rudiments of good living – particularly in Southern California: 


Generously day-lit spaces

Seamless indoor-outdoor living beyond the traditional front/rear yard setup

High ceilings and openness that create a sense of luxury 

Vivid colors animating the spaces

Direct connection to landscape and garden creating a variety of protected open spaces

Gracious processional spaces almost unprecedented on such narrow lots.

Though all prototypes are set in particularly tough neighborhoods of South Los Angeles, their design provides for integrated defensible space while maintaining openness and connection to outdoors.  Street oriented open space, friendly pathways, fresh colors, and ample openings to the street take an aggressively optimistic attitude to each house’s neighborhood.


Using every tool in the architect’s palette—light and shadow, scale, proportion, shaped dramatic view-sheds, leaving no throwaway spaces, color, xeriscape planting and  permeable surfaces—generous home-and-gardens are created that fit into existing neighborhoods while energizing and honoring them.


These prototypes show that dignity, sense of luxury and healthy living are not reserved for those at the top of the social ladder. 




Honor Award, The American Institute of Architects California Council    2015

Award "Exceptional Contribution" in the Chairman's category, Los Angeles Building Council  2014

Honor Award, Southern California Development Forum  2014

Gold Nugget Merit Award, Pacific Coast Builders Conference  2014

Judges Special Award of Excellence, Pacific Coast Builders Conference  2014

Honorable Mention Design Award, Southern California Association for Non Profit Housing 2014

Honor Award, Southern California Development Forum  2014