DeBont Residence

Los Angeles, CA

Cost & Scope: withheld

Key Personnel:

John Labib S.E., John Labib & Associates – Structural Engineer

Schick Geotechnical, Inc. – Soils Engineer

Robert F. Vairo Construction – General Contractor


Pacific Palisades-Mandeville Canyon

This home began life some 60 years ago as a modest, typical Southern California ranch style home set on a Mandeville Canyon hilltop plateau.   

It originally had a front and back.  

Over time, it had grown in tiny, disjointed increments.  The architect and the owners have been working—adding, subtracting, tweaking, transforming--elements of the inside and outside for the past 15 years. 

Today the house is an object in the landscape with a 360 degree engagement of the landscape and view shed.

Each move made opportunistically opens the house and garden to one another, always mining the sky and the landscape for natural light, view, and seamless indoor-outdoor living.  It is experienced by multiple processions around-to-and-through the house, continuously engaging art, landscape, furnishing, planting, through a series of indoor and outdoor places.

It is about Southern California as a good life.

LA Beautification Award, Best New House.   Los Angeles Business Council    1998