Silverlake Independent Jewish Community Center

Los Angeles, CA

Client: Silverlake Independent community Center

Cost & Scope: Campus Masterplan


Completion Date: 2011



Programming, the act of problem seeking, is a process of eliciting questions that will shape the use, size and character of each space, as well as spatial relationships and adjacencies.

Over the years there have been many programs as part of the Center, but only one has remained constant: the Preschool. Though programs have come and gone, it has become clear that the Center and Community are at a point where growth and new programs are necessary to realize the Center’s vision.

The current space layout of the Center does not offer enough spaces or flexibility to expand existing programs or add new ones. Throughout the Programming effort of the Master Plan, the immediate expansion of existing programs has been identified, along with a list of desired programs that could be added in the near future once the appropriate spaces are available.

A number of additional programs and activities have been identified as future possibilities. This list includes programs that the Community would support and that would benefit growth and stability for the Center.

Efficiency and flexibility must be critical components of any planned development for the Center in order to create spaces that can support more than one use and are flexible enough to evolve with time as the Center grows and programs change.