Wick Residence

Los Angeles, CA

Cost & Scope: 900 sq. ft. additional; 1,100 sq. ft. renovation

Key Personnel:

John Labib S.E., John Labib & Associates – Structural Engineer

The original structure was a lovely, if somewhat neglected, 70 year old Spanish Colonial Revival home in the Westwood area.  A detached two car garage was located in the center of the rear yard and accessed via a long encircling driveway from the street.  Throughout design work the original house served as a guide, providing many cues and teaching important lessons about the nature of walls and the opportunity for order, whim and idiosyncrasy to coexist.

The new site plan and garden design layer spaces and places to create a clear progression of public to private spaces, and from hard formal to increasingly soft, informal and romantic places.

1992    Feb    L.A. Style    Magazine    Michael Webb    Special Additions    Wick Residence & Belson Residence