Silverlake Masterplan

Silver Lake Master Plan, Los Angeles 1999

American Society of Landscape Architects Honor Award

Silverlake Master Plan (with Mia Lehrer & Associates)

Lehrer Architects worked with Mia Lehrer + Associates on this master plan. This community sensitive project was contracted by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. The project came about through a mediation process between LADWP and the Coalition to Preserve Open Reservoirs when it appeared that federal and state regulation could result in the covering of the reservoir. 

The Reservoirs, built in 1907, and currently used as storage for potable water, are unique physical and visual resources. Local residents, attracted to the beauty of the water bodies and the open space around them walk, jog and bicycle around the fenced perimeter to the property in dangerous proximity to swiftly moving commuter traffic. The Master Plan explores long range visions to expand the publicly accessible areas around the reservoirs for visual and recreation uses. The Master Plan has been developed through a series of working group meetings with the consultant team, LADWP and the representative community groups. Three community meetings were designed to convey information regarding the complex relationships between water quality operations, impending water quality regulations, traffic calming desires, accessibility issues and preservation of existing wildlife, vegetation and views. The Master Plan addresses these issues along with project costs, phasing, potential funding sources and implementation.


Honor Award of Merit, The American Society Of Landscape Architects Los Angeles  (with Mia Lehrer and Associates)    2001